Voltas A/c Split 1.0T Inverter 123VEY/VLY 3 Star (y Series)

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Voltas A/c Split 1.0T Inverter 123V EY Executive 3 Star (Y Series)

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Type Split
Size 1.0Ton
Power 230 / 50 / 1 Phase
Dimension Indoor Unit Dimension (WxHxD) Mm 850×270×208,Outdoor Unit Dimension (WxHxD) Mm 710×485×286
Weight Indoor Unit Net / Gross Weight Kg 9/10.5,Outdoor Unit Net / Gross Weight Kg 24/26
Model1 0 T 123 Cya 1 T 123V EY
Star Rating - 3star
Full Load Capacity (100%) W 3400
Half Load Capacity (50%) W 1800
Air Flow Volume - Indoor CMH 600/520/400
*Noise Level - Indoor ..dB(A) 39/35/30
Operation LCD Remote
Compressor Type High EER Rotary - BLDC
Refrigerant Gas R410A
Connecting Pipe Type Cu-Cu(3/8" & 1/4")
Connecting Pipe Length Metre 4
Filters-anti Dust
Fin-hydrophylic Aluminium- Blue
Copper Tube-inner Grooved
Indoor Unit-led Display Self Diagnosis Auto Restart Ionizer Anti Fungal
Remote-sleep Mode Swing Lcd Remote Backlight Lock Reset 3D Airflow IR Control With Smartphone
Air Vent-cross Flow